energizing organizations

A recent survey of 90,000 employees working in mid- and large-sized organizations in 18 countries, found that 4 out of 5 workers are not fully engaged in their work.   What does it take to build a truly engaged and energized workplace?   We offer a diagnostic assessment and then work with internal staff to attack 5 key leverage points.  Our work is based on social science research from the field of Positive Organizational Scholarship.  Our proprietary diagnostic tools and our  SHARP™ framework form the foundation for a series of workshops that help transform corporate culture to drive engagement and performance.

customized probleM-solving

Have you have ever wished you had someone you could turn to for help with a difficult problem or challenge?  Positive Pathways Consulting can bring our problem solving expertise to help with large and small problems.   Share your concerns with us and we'll tell you how we can help.  

leadership development/e-learning

We look at leadership development as a strategic issue, perhaps the most important issue that organizations face.  We advise organizations on building leadership development programs and on using technology to support those programs.  We also help content experts to build leadership development programs for the corporate and not-for-profit markets. 

Strategic planning

Strategic plans works best when they build on what has worked in the past and when they take advantage of the strengths of an organization and its people.    We work with clients to understand the successes of the past and then combine this with fact-based, market analysis and probing the essence of the customer experience.   Our Storyvision process is designed to help organization create breakthrough thinking and to set up for rapid implementation.