Positive Pathways Consulting

We bring the analytic rigor found at  large consulting firms combined with a deep understanding of the human side of business and organizations. The combination provides a powerful foundation for developing creative and powerful strategies, especially when organizations are operating in rapidly changing environments.  

Our firm 

experienced profession​als

what makes our work different

Founder and Managing Director, Karen Barth taps into a database of highly qualified independent consultants and experts to meet the unique needs of each client

  • Building a deeper understanding of the customer experience
  • Applying design thinking methods to a broad range of problems
  • Skilled facilitation to build consensus and prepare for successful implementation
  • Our Storyvision methodology encourages creativity
  • Tapping into the latest research on how organizations can energize and engage their workforce​ 
  • Helping clients uncover and understand the successes of the past and build on them.
  • Consumer Products
  • Healthcare
  • Retailing
  • Social Enterprise
  • Not-for-profits
  • Education

Some industries we serve