Our proprietary Storyvision process helps our clients develop creative ideas and clarify thinking about what it will take to implement their plans.  We build on the existing strengths and culture of an organization so that buy-in is achieved and implementation moves quickly.


Strategic Planning

Strategies that work building on strengths and success stories 


consulting services

Leadership Development

Technology-leveraged training and development 

We help clients build the energized organization of the future based on principles from the field of Positive Psychology.  Our research-based approach builds employee engagement by addressing key leverage points.  


Customized Projects

We'll help you solve problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Our consultants bring top quality planning and organizational development services to a broad range of industries. We serve large multi-national companies, middle market companies, start-ups and large not-for-profit organizations. 

high impact consulting based on what works

Positive Organizational Development

Energizing all aspects of organizational life to drive performance